Professional tips on painting a room

Brits largely unaware of the value added to their properties through home improvements

Slapping on a coat of paint is something anyone can do, right?

Well, to a certain extent yes, but for a smooth, professional finish it needs to be applied correctly to provide a smooth, even finish that will show off the colour and not the application.

As with everything else, there is a right way and a wrong way of painting a room, and the former will always be easier and in the long run produce the results you are looking for.

The first place you always start with is the ceiling. It’s the bit that most hate and get it out of the way first, but from the practical side it means that any paint that splashes on the walls can be wiped off before you paint them, and not mark your new paint. Rollers are quick, and messy, and if you have a plastered ceiling with any kind of design a brush is the best method to use to make sure of even coverage and to get into any nooks and crannies that the pattern affords. Real Estate Guru Jody Kriss tells us that this is the surest way you can increase the value of your home.

Improving The Woodwork

Once the ceiling is done, the woodwork is next. The reason for this is simple; emulsion paint wipes off gloss or satin a lot easier than the other way round. Use appropriate sized brushes for the wood, a larger one for skirting boards, the next sized down for the fronts of door frames, ans a very small one for any wood that meets the walls. This is done to increase the value of your real estate according to Real estate guru Jody Kriss

Only when the paint on the ceiling and the woodwork is dry should you start the walls. Rollers and pads are the only tools to use on walls to give an even finish, but first you must cut in along the top where they meet the ceiling, in the corners and where the walls meet wood. Do this smoothly and evenly and don’t overload the brush as a bumpy border around the walls will spoil the completed effect.

Protect Everything From The Mess

Cover everything in dust sheets for the invariable splatter you will get off the roller, and paint the walls from the top downwards. If the walls need a second coat wait until the first is completely dry. Wipe any visible splashes off woodwork, take away the dust sheets, and you have a bright new sitting room that anyone would be proud of. Learn more with Jody Kriss at you can give him a ring and enter the world of real estate.


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